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Success Stories

Being involved in any form of animal rescue, but specifically that of our beloved boxer breed, is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

Heartwarming when we succeed in rescuing a dog from a life of misery, neglect, abuse and cruelty and ultimately see him or her safely rehomed with a caring, forever family surrounded by love, happiness and respect.

Heartbreaking when the next case immediately presents itself  and off we go again, driven by a ruthless commitment to the welfare of animals and a loathing of despicable acts of cruelty that we witness on a daily basis across many parts of Spain.

We all love happy endings, especially when they stem from such hopeless beginnings and we would like to share with you some of the success stories of the dogs who have found themselves in our care and whose lives have been significantly transformed through the work of Boxer Friends Spain and our network of supporters since we formed as a group just over a year ago.

We would not have been able to facilitate the rescue of almost 50 dogs without your ongoing financial support, be it through a regular Standing Order, one-off or monthly payment through PayPal, your donations through shopping on-line via or the fantastic fundraising events some of you have organised throughout the year for our benefit.

Nor would we have been able to re home our rescued boxers without the commitment of our foster families both in the UK and Spain and, ultimately, those of you who have welcomed one or more into your homes on a permanent basis through our adoption scheme.

Please continue to help us help those vulnerable boxers out there for whom we are often their only source of hope.

Thank you.