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About us

Boxer Friends Spain was formed by a group of boxer lovers dedicated to helping this wonderful breed.

Initiated by Rocio who has been rescuing boxers since she moved to Spain over 30 years ago, our aim is to support the rescue of abandoned, homeless, neglected and mistreated boxers in Spain and rehome them in loving, forever homes.

Rocio was joined by Tracey, Julie, Alison and Tracy who are all volunteers and devote a lot of spare time to the cause, working tirelessly to protect and liberate boxers from the cruelty and neglect that is so rife in Spain.

They have all been working with boxers and rescue organisations in the UK for a number of years. As a result of these extensive links and strong relationships, the Group has been able to find a number of loving homes in the UK for boxers rescued in Spain.

From small beginnings when these ladies financed the release of boxers from pounds, and their veterinary and kennel fees between them, the page has grown to almost 500 members in just a few months.

In 2015 they were able to rescue and rehome over 60 Boxers to homes in both Spain and the UK.

Boxer Friends Spain is entirely self-funded and depends on donations and fundraising efforts to help the boxers in our care. We are always keen to hear from fellow boxer lovers and welcome new members and financial support.

The more supporters we have, the more boxers we can help.

You can contact us in a few ways: